Illustration of the cover of the collection of poems by Jadranka Ivanović - Bolog

Silvija Sunara made an illustration of the cover of the collection of poems by Jadranka Ivanović - Bolog. This is the seventh collection of the author's poems.

Jadranka Ivanović - Bolog publishes her poetry in the Croatian Voice of Berlin, and is the author of the renowned cultural magazine DIOGEN. With the poem "Crack in Time" (Geöffnete Zeit) she entered the anthology of German poetry, Frankfurter Bibliothek 2015.

Logo for Drniš Kindergarten

Silvija Sunara created the logo for Drniš Kindergarten. The inspiration was the folk costume of the Drniš region.

Group 9 new website

The Art Association Group 9, of which Silvija Sunara is a member, has a new website:

Grupa 9 was established in 2008. They are a collective of Sibenik artists of various artistic orientations, interests and art education. Numerous exhibitions testifies to the group’s creative continuity, potency and vitality.

Over 12 years of uninterrupted creative work and development, the artists continued to move through the formation of their own visual expressions, energetic handwriting and dynamic styles.

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